Minneapolis Mayor’s hijab irks Jewish Lobby

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Minneapolis is home to a large Somalian Muslim community. During the 2013 Mayoral race, most Somalian supported and voted for Elizabeth Betsy Hodges (born 1969), the DFL candidate who won the election and took Mayoral office in January 2014.


Minneapolis Mayor Elizabeth Betsy Hodges wears a Hijab in show of religious respect to local Muslims

Last week, Betsy created a storm when she addressed a group of Somali business owners and elders at a Somali mall in south Minneapolis while donning a beautiful dark blue Islamic headscarf (Hijab). Mayor was accompanied by her Somali liaision, Abdirahman Muse.

The pro-Israel printed media and internet called her action as “submission to Shari’ah”. Some idiots even claimed that like Barack Obama, she too is working on the “Islamization” of America.

Anti-Islam Jewish journalist, Tabitha Korol, in her column at Israeli Arutz Sheva(April 14, 2014) slammed Betsy for not doing her homework on how badly women were treated in the Middle East. To prove her allegation, she said that’s the reason the screening of ‘Honor Diaries’ film (funded by pro-Israel groups) is opposed by CAIR, a Muslim advocacy group. She also blamed Muslims for the Jewish University of Brandeis’ change of mind to award honorary Doctor’s degree to anti-Islam Somalian Israeli propagandist Ayaan Ali Hirsi.

Islamic law is concerned more with raping, beating, flogging, and stoning women than it is in honoring them,” claimed Korol. Had Korol done her Talmudic homework, she would have known that Jewish religion not only curses woman from birth to death, it also commands its male followers to thank G-d for not making them “a Gentile, a Woman or a  Slave.” Furthermore, in Jewish religion women are forbidden to study Torah (OT), not mingle with the opposite sex and are not entitle to inheritance or have the right to divorce.

Contrary to hatred against women in the Bible and Talmud, Holy Qur’an has two full chapters (al-Nisa and al-Maaryam) named after women. Furthermore, women are praised 173 times in Holy Qur’an as compared to 25 times the men. A Muslim woman can read and memorize Holy Qur’an; become an Islamic scholar and lead all woman daily prayers. She has the right to choose her husband and even divorce him for genuine reasons. She is also entitled for inheritance which she needs not share with her husband.

Perhaps she is a Lost Soul, one without direction, without ties to ethics or principles, unstable in today’s culture and society. Unwilling or unable to stand up for American ideologies, she too easily acquiesced to the preferences or demands of the archenemy of humankind,” said Korol to prove her Jewish racism and self-denial.

Hodges has already hired people in her office to address issues she campaigned on, including a liaison to strengthen ties with the Somali community.

In order to hide their racism, the anti-Betsy Jewish propagandists avoided to mention that Mayor’s husband, Gary Cunningham, is an Afro-American. And this was not the first time Betsy wore Hijab. She wore it as Councilwoman.

When I married my husband I became a grandmother to four beautiful kids, two of whom are African American boys in the Minneapolis public schools. I have worn hijab, and it changed me. I have run and danced my way through the gay pride parade. I have led prayer in an African American Baptist Church,” she said during her closing argument speech five days before the election.

Betsy adores American Wonder Woman – from roller skates to coffee cup. The Wonder Woman – the crime fighting, whimsical Amazon princess renowned for her highly ethical character – is creation of William Moulton Marston, a WASP psychologist among the comic industry flooded with Jews


Source:The Arab Daily news