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Russia Warns of Red Line if the U.S. Provides Long-range Missiles to Ukraine

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The White House press service reports that the United States intends to supply Kyiv with 

In response, Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Sept. 15 that “if the United States decides to supply Ukraine with longer-range missiles, they will cross the red line and become a direct party to the conflict.”

Zakharova also stressed that Russia reserves the right to “respond adequately” in the event of a U.S. decision to supply Ukraine with longer-range missiles.

Thus far, the U.S. has not admitted to providing Ukraine with missiles exceeding a range of about 80 kilometers. However, considering the frequency and accuracy with which the Ukrainian Armed Forces have struck Russian targets well beyond that range, many analysts believe Ukraine may have already received such missiles – perhaps even from other members of the NATO alliance.

In addition, John Kirby, the US National Security Council spokesperson, said that the U.S. might announce the provision of another military assistance package to Ukraine shortly.

He also added that the U.S. constantly communicates with the Ukrainian authorities regarding the specific needs of their armed forces.

“Many of the systems that we have been providing over the past few weeks and several months have proven to be instrumental and effective for the ability of Ukrainians to go on the attack and be quite effective,” Kirby explained.