3,000 people left in the practically destroyed Volnovakha: no water or light in the city

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Denis Karlovsky – Thursday, 3 March 2022, 20:33

About 3,000 people remain in the frontline town of Volnovakha in the Donetsk region, where fighting is taking place between Ukrainian defenders and the Russian occupying forces.

Source: MP Dmytro Lubinets – responsible for evacuation of civilians, in a comment for “Ukrayins’ka Pravda”

Details: About 500-550 people were evacuated from the city on 1-2 March.

Meanwhile, approximately 2,500 to 3,000 civilians still remain in the city.

The city has been severely damaged by fighting, air strikes, and artillery shelling by Russian forces. Water and electricity supply has been cut off.


– Volnovakha –situated in the Donetsk region– has been one of the hotspots of conflict between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Russian occupying forces.

– On 28 February, Lubinets informed that civilian infrastructure in Volnovakha was being destroyed. The population needs rescuing through humanitarian corridors as soon as possible.

– On 3 March, Ukrainian defenders shot down a Russian fighter jet that was bombing the civilian population of Volnovakha.

– The military administration of the Donetsk region has warned the civilian population about Russian forces lying about their readiness to release them through “green corridors”.