14 martyrs, 2 injured in terrorist attack on military bus, Damascus-video

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Damascus, SANA- 14 people were martyred and others were injured in the explosion of two explosive devices attached to a military bus near the President Bridge in Damascus on Wednesday morning.

“At about 06:45 a.m. on Wednesday, while a military bus was passing near Jisr al-Rais in Damascus, the bus was targeted with two explosive devices that were previously attached to the bus, which led to the death of fourteen martyrs and the injury others,” a military source told SANA.

The source added that the military engineering personnel “dismantled a third explosive device that had fallen off the bus after the explosion.”

Interior Minister Mohammad al-Rahmoun has affirmed that the terrorist attack on a bus which took place on Wednesday morning at Jisr al-Rais area in Damascus “came after eliminating terrorism from most of the Syrian territory and those who plotted this coward attack wanted to inflict harm on the largest possible number of citizens.”

In a statement to the national al-Suriya T.V. Channel, Minister Rahmoun affirmed that those who were behind the attack will be pursued, saying “We will continue to pursue terrorists who committed this heinous crime wherever they are.”