Al-Burhan Affirms Armed Forces Ability to Protect Homeland and its Security

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During his visit Wednesday to Gedarif State, accompanied by the Deputy Chief of Staff for Supply, Gen. Magdi Ibrahim, Lt. Gen. A-Burhan addressed the Armed Forces troops in the Sudanese border stressing that the Armed Forces will remain in support to the people for realizing their hopes and aspirations for stability, peace and development.

He praised the victories and heroism of the Armed Forces throughout its bright long history in protection of the country and its security and stability.

President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and General Commander of the Armed Forces saluted the Armed Forces’ officers and men who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Sudan and its pride and dignity.

The Armed Forces troops stationed inside the Sudanese borders have affirmed their commitment to defend the country’s land and the gains of its people.

Lt. Gen. Al-Burhan visited Al-Layya village and offered condolences on its citizens who were assassinated by the Ethiopian Shifta gangs that were supported by Ethiopian forces, pledging that the martyrs of the village will be treated as martyrs of the Armed Forces.

The President of the Transitional Sovereignty Forces and General Commander of the Armed Forces and the accompanying delegation were received at the outset of their visit to Gedarif State by the Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Mohamed Osman Al-Hussein, the Commander of the Eastern Military Area, Maj. Gen. Ahmadan Mohamed Khair, and military commanders at the area.