Boss harasses woman, sends porn clips on WhatsApp

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1He touched her thigh and harassed her with his elbow.

An accountant has claimed to prosecutors that she had been sexually harassed repeatedly by her direct supervisor and had been trying to ignore him until he sent her porn photos and clips on WhastApp, a court was told on Monday.

The 22-year-old Filipina accountant told investigators that the financial manager had been sexually harassing her and would not stop even after she scolded and ignored him.

“The defendant is my direct supervisor. I joined the company in May 2016, and he started to harass me in July. First, he touched my hand and did it again after I ignored him. He touched my thigh and then harassed me with his elbow,” the accountant told the prosecutor.

“I was ignoring him all the time. But when he sent me porn photos and clips on WhatsApp I reported him to the manager.”

The accused, a 37-year-old Jordanian financial manager, denied charges of molestation and online harassment before the judge bench in the Court of First Instance.

When the complaint was filed at the police station she said that the accused sexually harassed her on various occasions from July to August at her workplace in Meydan Bani Yas, Naif area.

She said she only scolded her supervisor without screaming for help or yelling at him because she felt scared.

The prosecution is using seven messages, sent by the accused to the complainant, including porn material as evidence.

The trial will continue on March 6.