Ethiopian government said there was coup datat in Amhara Regional State

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Ethiopian government said there was coup datat in Amhara Regional State

The official Ethiopian government news media the Ethiopian broadcasting corporation – EBC reported there was a failed coup detat attempt in one of the regional states of Amhara state.

Negussu Telahun, spokesman for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, told the state Television Ethiopian broadcasting corporation – EBC, there was an organized attempt to overthrow the regional government of Amhara state this morning June, 22, 2019.

Tigrai Online received information that the leaders of the coup in Amhara regional state tried to take over the regional state by assassinating the top leaders of the state while they were in meeting in the state’s capital Bahirdar. Reports indicate the sound of gun fire can still be heard intermittently around the provisional government buildings. Some of the top leaders of the state have been wounded and our sources told us the head of the Amhara regional state Mr. Ambachew Mekonnen has been killed and his deputy is seriously wounded.

Our sources told us Ethiopian air force has been attacking some areas of Bahirdar city and some depots have been hit. Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali appeared on national television announcing the coup in Amhara region and the death of General Seare Mekonnen.

Mean time the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, General Seare Mekonnen and, a retired former Head of Logistics of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, General Gezae Abera were killed today. Most likely the coup plotters in Amhara region are behind the assassination of both army generals who happen to be from Tigrai state.

The security and political situation in Amhara Regional State has been spinning out of control in the past few years especially in the past three years. The state’s top politicians are split in many ways including those who wanted to bring back the old unitary system, the once who support current system but modified so that the Amhara’s could more or less run the country, and the radical group that wants to expand the Amahara region to include Tigrai state, Afar state, Benishangul-Gumuz state and some parts of the nation of Eritrea including the port of Assab.

Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed brought from abroad all the radical Amhara elements and released all the criminal Amharas from prison without any precondition and let them loose in the society. Some of those prisoners who were released from prison was Eskinder Nega, Genral Asaminew Tisge and General Tefera Mamo.  Both Genral Asaminew Tisge and General Tefera Mamo were arrested in 2009 in connection with a plot to carry out coup de’ etat. Both General Asaminew Tisge and General Tefera Mamo were released and their military rand and their pension restored by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali to weaken Tigrai, TPLF and the Tigrai people.

Genral Asaminew Tisge became the head of peace and security of Amhara regional state. Since the day he was released Genral Asaminew Tisge was threatening Tigrai every day. He also was training thousands of soldiers in Amhara region disguised under the regional government. Last week he made the commencement speech when 5000 Amhara Special Forces were graduating and he repeated the same threats against Tigrai and its people. There is no clear information who is behind the attempted coup in Amhara state and the assassination of the two Tigraian army generals, but we are certain Genral Asaminew Tisge and his radical groups are behind it. The assassination of both General Seare Mekonnen and General Gezae Abera is part of a plan to weaken Tigra’s military capablity in order to invade it. There has been small military engagment between Amhara region forces and Tigrai state forces in past few months at the commen border, but the Amhara forces were totally decimated in the Tselemti area.

Today’s shocking development shows law and order in Ethiopia is completely broken and Ethiopia is heading towards civil war and disintegration.