Security Council condemns killing of civilians in Sudan

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A UN Security Council meeting (Photo: UN/Paulo Filgueiras)

June 11, 2019 (KHARTOUM) – The United Nations Security Tuesday strongly condemned the attacks on civilians by the militiamen of the Rapid Support forces nine days ago.

Despite the important number of victims which has reached over 100 peaceful protesters, China and Russia had blocked a bid at the Security Council by Germany and United Kingdom on 5 June to condemn the killing of civilians on 3 June.

However, after the decision of the African Union’s Peace and Security Council to suspend Sudan’s membership the two countries had to pretext to veto the condemnation of the flagrant violation of human rights.

“The Members of the Council strongly condemned the recent violence in the Republic of the Sudan and expressed their regret for the loss of lives and injuries amongst civilians,” reads the statement which was unanimously adopted.

The (…) Council encouraged the Secretary-General to continue to support regional and international efforts, in particular, those led by the African Union, to facilitate and agree on a national transitional process for the benefit of the people of Sudan, and without prejudice to future agreements of Sudanese stakeholders and, as stated by the African Union, without external interference,” further stressed the statement.

The ruling military council on Monday acknowledged that some of its military elements were involved in the attack on the pro-democracy sit-in, and pledged to release the findings of its investigations.

Several texts released on the social media claims that the bloody attack was planned by Islamist in the security apparatus who used the militia of the former ruling National Congress Party.

However, activists who were at the protest site asserted that the was carried out by the RSF forces from Darfur region.