Veiled threat? Proposed burqa ban in Egypt reveals clash between security & freedoms (DEBATE)

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A pending Egyptian law that would prohibit face veils in public places has rekindled the debate over anti-terror measures and their limits on individual freedoms. RT sought out opposing views on the controversial proposal.

Burqa bans are already enforced in seven European countries, but now Muslim-majority Egypt is considering similar legislation, in hopes of preventing terrorists from using the religious garment to conceal their identities – or suicide bombs.

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“There have been instances in Egypt and elsewhere where men pretending to be women wore the burqa, so it’s for security,” Adel Darwish, author and historian, told RT. But others saw the issue differently, noting that terrorists use all types of clothing to avoid detection.

“We had an underwear bomber who tried to detonate a bomb in his pants. We had a shoe bomber who tried to detonate a bomb in his shoe,” political and social commentator Mo Ansar pointed out.

Watch the full debate: