over 100 Somalis Suspect id Cheating – can deprive Norwegian citizenship

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Over a hundred Norwegian – Somalis can be thrown out of the country because the authorities believe that they have lied about where they come from . Their children born in Norway also risk issue.

I’m from Mogadishu , born and raised during the Civil War , but my parents came here to get a better life, says a young man NRK meetings in Greenland in Oslo. But he and his friends know that not everyone who performs the story , telling the truth. They do not want your name and picture on the pressure when they say that they know of many who have been granted on false premises . – There are many who have grown up in Kenya , but who says that they come from Somalia. – It’s a little suck , because people would be lying to stay. Have long suspectedComrade gang in the early 20s confirms a rumor that has been swirling around in the Somali community for years : that asylum seekers who claim to be from war-torn areas in Somalia , really are ethnic Somalis from neighboring countries. NRK got the first tip about this back in 2011. Since that time we have worked with to find out if the rumor was true.Recently we learned that more Somalis with Norwegian citizenship have received a letter in the mail that they can lose citizenship . Now confirms Directorate of Immigration ( UDI) that a large-scale roll-up is underway . – The last two years we have worked with a group of ethnic Somalis who we thought were from Somalia, but as it turns out is not from Somalia , but from neighboring countries , says the head of department stay in UDI , Karl Erik Sjøholt .
It revolves around a group of over a hundred people who have lived between ten and fifteen years in Norway . About half are Norwegian nationals. The rest have other permits . In close cooperation with police yesterday UDI through each case and considering whether to withdraw the permissions back . – Normally we consider this so rough that it results in permanent expulsion from Norway , says Sjøholt . – Did you one for poor job when they got to stay in place? – At that time we had no suspicion that it took an extensive abuse , or that gave incorrect information , answer SjøholtHome . We perceive that this is such a serious breach of the confidence we have the applicants , that this must have serious consequences . At worst, even for children.
After that NRK experience began the first alarm bells ringing at the Police Immigration summer 2003. An asylum seeker came in the door and told me he was from Somalia. But the man did not speak one word Somali . The interpreter did not understand anything he said . Suspicion began to spread in the Norwegian immigration authorities : Did this mean that Norway has given stay of many ethnic Somalis , who was born and grown up in other African countries ? And thus have served a false story about fleeing from war in Somalia ? 12 decisionThree years later , Norway introduced systematic language tests of all asylum seekers who said they were from Somalia. According SjøholtHome led to it was far more difficult for Somalis to stay on false premises . – After 2006 we do not see that this has been a relevant issue , although there may have been individual cases . But if the UDI has the right in his suspicions , the past is about to overtake some of the Somalis who came to Norway in the late 1990s and beginning of 2000s. So far, 12 cases processed, and UDI has decided that the citizenship or residence permit shall be revoked. One famous example is the former Labor politician Khaled Ahmed . In January it became clear that he be thrown out of Norway because he had lied about who he was. He was not a refugee from Somalia, as he claimed , but came from neighboring Djibouti . Norwegian authorities stated that he had received citizenship on false premises , and recently refused Immigration appeal .

 Kasmaal Information Center/London/UK