Police suspect : ” Somali clans fighting in Virserum / Sweden

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There are many indications that there are various Somali clans quarrel Civil Virserum and on Monday led to two men arrested for aggravated assault

The two men were arrested on Monday after last Thursday assaulting a man with a weapon and another man so serious that he had to hospitals .

- Initial talked about abuse and aggravated assault , but now classed both offenses as serious , says Peter Karlsson. The reason is that weapons used in both cases.
Now , police suspect the case of conflict between the various Somali clans who is behind the violence.

"We have not been confirmed yet, but there's a thought that it might be so ," said Peter Karlsson, investigators , Vimmerby newspaper.

It began with a man in Virserum that on New Year's Day were subjected to an aggravated assault when he was attacked in his home by two men armed with weapons. The assault took place in the afternoon when two men knocked on the victim's door and when the man opened , he was beaten with both a weapon and with fists .

Later in the evening they beat another man in his apartment in Virserum . The victim must be taken to hospital .

Tasks are divided on what used to hit with , first stated one plaintiff that he had been beaten with batons and that the knife used, but at the second hearing was just a baton. In the second case mentioned both iron pipes and knives .



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